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    Rainbow Cake
    Try our flavourful, vibrant, six-tiered rainbow cake and indulge in a burst of colours and flavours layered with vanilla buttercream and iced with whipped cream cheese.
    Eccles Cake
    Eccles cake is a classic British pastry with a flaky, buttery crust stuffed with dried fruits to create a perfect symphony of flavours and baked to a golden brown colour.
    Gingerbread Man
    Enjoy sweet and spicy flavours in our light, fluffy and delicious gingerbread and add magic to your festive celebrations.
    Experience the perfect balance of chewy and crunchy texture and simply satisfying flavours in our Flapjack cake, made with healthy and flavourful rolled oats, butter and brown sugar.
    Cake Slice
    Choose from our range of mouthwatering flavours, and enjoy a perfect portion of happiness. We have diverse flavours to satisfy everyone, from chocolate lovers to velvety vanilla fans.
    Brownie Slice
    Dive into chocolaty bliss with our rich, indulgent and fudgy brownie slice. Our brownie is made from classic spongy, moist chocolate fudge topped with rich chocolaty frosting.
    Cherry & Almond Slice
    Experience the delightful combination of sweet cherries and nutty almonds in our Cherry & Almond Slice, which has a rich, buttery flavour with a zesty hint of cherries.
    Fat Rascal
    Enjoy classic Yorkshire Fat Rascal, filled with the goodness of dried fruit and spices, where every bite tells you a symphony of buttery, fruity and nutty flavours.
    Kids Biscuits
    We have a range of cute, colourful, and adorable, bite-sized treats that come in playful shapes with a perfect balance of sweetness and flavours.
    Chocolate Flapjack
    Rich cocoa blended perfectly with the hearty oats, creating a decadent treat of Chocolate Flapjack that satisfies both your sweet tooth and your craving for a satisfying crunch.
    Tiffin Slice
    Enjoy our delicious treat made from crushed biscuits, butter, sugar and raisins topped with a layer of luscious chocolate.
    Cream Eclair
    A delicate choux pastry, filled with luscious vanilla filling, baked to golden perfection and topped with rich chocolate glaze.
    Manchester Tart
    Buttery pastry base with layers of raspberry jam, covered in creamy custard filling, and sprinkled coconut and cherries on top, creating a delightful burst of flavours in every bite.
    Lemon Meringue Tart
    A crispy and buttery pastry filled with zesty lemon curd, topped with a layer of golden brown meringue, creating a perfect contrast of sweet and tangy flavours.
    Black Forest Gateau
    Black Forest Gateau is a timeless classic combination of chocolate and cream. The layers of moist and fluffy chocolate sponge cake with rich cream and dark cherry filling in between layers create an irresistible sweet treat.
    Strawberry Tart
    Sweet and crunchy crust, filled with rich, smooth and flavourful strawberry jelly and topped with freshly chopped juicy strawberries, perfect treat to enjoy the essence of the season.
    Enjoy a luxurious dessert experience with our classic creamy delight. Buttery and crunchy base topped with smooth cream cheese.
    Egg Custard
    Enjoy simple yet comforting egg custard made from buttery crust and flavourful custard filling and experience the most heavenly combination of crunchy and velvety textures.
    Cherry Bakewell Tart
    A British classic Cherry Bakewell Tart with crispy and buttery pastry, a layer of cherry jam, topped with almond sponge and finished with a drizzle of fondant icing and glazed cherry.
    Fresh Fruit Tart
    The most wholesome and delicious companion for your evening tea, with a buttery crust, velvety vanilla custard filling and the addition of natural sweetness topped with fresh fruit.
    Cream Scone
    Fresh and flavourful Cream scone to enjoy crumbly and buttery texture on the outside and fluffy and creamy flavours on the inside.
    Tuna Crunch Sandwich
    Perfectly crispy bread filled with succulent tuna with creamy mayo and a hint of zesty lemon, in addition to fresh lettuce and cucumber.
    Turkey Club
    Tender slices of roasted turkey and crispy bacon, with juicy tomato and fresh lettuce layered between slices of fresh bread of your choice.
    Brie and Cranberry or Grape Sandwich
    Creamy brie cheese with tangy cranberry sauce or juicy grapes creates a symphony of creamy, sweet and tangy flavours with fresh lettuce between sliced bread of your choice.
    Green Pesto, Mozzarella and Tomato Sandwich
    Experience vibrant Mediterranean flavours of green basil pesto and succulent buffalo mozzarella garnished with tomatoes and lettuce added between your choice of bread.
    Coronation Chicken Sandwich
    Slices of fresh bread of your choice filled with tender chicken, flavourful curry and creamy mayo, served with fresh salad.
    Egg Mayo and Salad Sandwich
    Delicious and fulfilling lunch sandwich made from boiled eggs and creamy mayo, with a hint of spices paired with crispy lettuce and fresh tomatoes between freshly baked bread.
    Nutella and Sliced Banana Sandwich
    Indulge in the taste of this heavenly sandwich made from freshly baked bread of your choice with a filling of creamy Nutella and sliced banana.
    Brie, Bacon and Mango Chutney Sandwich
    Creamy French Brie cheese, crispy bacon, and a hint of sweetness with mango chutney come together in perfect harmony between slices of fresh, fluffy bread.
    Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Sandwich
    Slices of bread of your choice topped with a thick layer of cream cheese and succulent smoked salmon, and some zesty lemon juice and black pepper sprinkled to add more flavour to it.
    Roasted Mediterranean Veg, Italian Sauce and Mozzarella Sandwich
    Bell peppers, aubergine and courgette roasted in olive oil and garlic with Italian tomato sauce and melted mozzarella added to your choice of bread, creating an amalgamation of Mediterranean flavours.
    Bacon and Sausage
    Crispy bacon and succulent sausage combined to create a flavourful and juicy sandwich to start your day.
    BEST Sandwich
    Crispy bacon, freshly cooked egg, succulent sausages and juicy tomatoes layered between slices of fresh bread.
    Toasted Currant Tea Cake with butter
    Freshly baked current tea cake, lightly toasted to enhance flavours and slathered with butter. A perfect balance of sweetness, and buttery goodness, ideal accompaniment to your cup of tea.
    BLT Sandwich
    Crispy and smoky bacon, fresh and crunchy lettuce, and juicy tomatoes are sandwiched between the slices of your preferred bread to create delicious and satisfying sandwich.
    Bacon, Egg and Cheese
    Perfectly cooked succulent bacon, a fluffy scrambled or fried egg, and creamy melted cheese are added together to the fresh slices of bread to create a breakfast delight.
    Toasted Scone with butter
    A scone of your choice, lightly toasted to create the perfect balance of warmth and flakiness and served with butter to enhance the flavours.
    Sausage Rolls
    A perfect savoury delight for every occasion, made from light and flaky pastry with flavourful, succulent, seasoned sausage filling.
    Cornish Pasty
    Our authentic and delicious Cornish Pasty, made from golden, flaky crust, encases a hearty filling of beef and vegetables baked to perfection.
    Cheese and Onion Pasty
    A satisfying and delicious combination of melted cheddar cheese and savory onion in a buttery and crunchy pasty, baked to a golden brown.
    Steak and Ale Pie
    Classic and comforting meal with tender chunks of beef slow-cooked to perfection with a savoury ale-infused gravy wrapped in puffy and buttery pastry.
    Range of flaky and crispy Quiche, filled with flavourful, rich and creamy fillings.
    Pork Pie
    Traditional pork pie is a rich combination of crunchy and buttery crust and succulent meat filling. The filling is made with fresh and seasoned pork finely minched, creating perfect savoury snack for parties.
    Steak Bake Pasty
    A flavourful blend of succulent beef, delicious gravy and spices wrapped in golden puff pasty.
    Chicken and Mushroom Pasty
    A savoury combination of succulent chicken and mushrooms, enveloped in buttery pasty baked till it is fluffy and crunchy, perfect for serving.
    GI Bread
    Our freshly baked GI bread gives you the wholesome and nutritious goodness of grains. GI bread has a low glycemic index and provides sustained energy with multiple health benefits.
    Power Bread
    A freshly baked nutrient-packed bread to start your day with the goodness of nuts and whole grains.
    Cranberry GI Bread
    Get the health benefits and nutrients of low glycemic index bread while enjoying the scrumptious flavour of cranberry in our Cranberry GI bread.
    Rye Bread
    Rye bread is a satisfying combination of rye flour and wheat flour, offering a delicious taste and distinctive texture and several potential health benefits.
    3 Day Old Sourdough
    Enjoy the goodness and health benefits of 3 Day Old Sourdough bread, crafted through a meticulous fermentation process to develop a distinctive tangy taste and chewy texture.
    Flavoured Sourdough
    Enjoy the goodness of sourdough bread in a variety of delicious, aromatic and unique flavours available at our bakery.
    1 Day Old White Round Sourdough
    A day old white round sourdough bread baked to perfection till crispy from outside and soft, crunchy and fluffy texture from inside.
    Cherry Scone
    Buttery and flaky cone studded with juicy cherries and cream to elevate the taste of a classic scone.
    Fruit Scone
    A perfect blend of naturally sweet fruit chunks and smooth cream added to the buttery scone.
    Plain Scone
    Classic flaky, light, and fluffy scone, perfect to enjoy with cream or jam and enjoy with a cup of tea.
    Freshly baked teacakes filled with dried fruits and a hint of spices, served with butter to go perfectly with breakfast or evening tea.
    Burger Buns
    Soft and fluffy freshly baked burger buns elevate your burger experience, ideal for all kinds of meaty vegetable fillings.
    Garlic and Rosemary Focaccia
    Crunchy, flaky, and delicious focaccia bread infused with aromatic garlic and rosemary flavours to complement soups and salads.
    Olive, Onion and Tomato Focaccia
    The classic artisanal bread with a delectable combination of fresh olives, sweet caramelised onions, and sun-dried tomatoes to give perfect experience of Mediterranean flavours.
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